Just as there are many problems that can occur in the mouth, there are
just as many solutions.  Below is a list of services we provide, placed into
general headings.  By clicking the link you will go to a page that
describes these in more detail.  You may also navigate with the buttons
to the left.

Restorative Dentistry:  Restorative dentistry refers to the
restoration of teeth in form and function.

Cosmetic Dentistry:  Cosmetic dentistry refers to the use of
materials and techniques to provide more esthetic results.

Dental Implants:  Implants are used to replace a previously
missing tooth or to attach a prostheses, like a denture.

Periodontal Therapy:  Perio therapy is used to stop or slow down
the loss of bone around teeth.

Root Canals:  Root canals are done to releive pain in most
situations, it is the removal of infected or dead tissue in the tooth.

TMJ Therapy:  TMJ therapy is done to relieve the problems from
grinding or other joint problems.

Oral Surgery:  Oral surgery is the removal of teeth, tumors, and
other invasive procedures.