Cosmetic dentistry refers to the use of bleaching, veneers, crowns,
orthodontics, and modern materials to provide an better looking
Bleaching - Bleaching of teeth involves using a peroxide product that is
specifically made for bleaching teeth.  Very good results can usually be
achieved through the use of these products and their use is usually the
first step in most cosmetic cases.  Our office uses a custom tray system
that is specifically made to fit the patient.  The trays can be used at night
and are very convenient.  We also sell Crest Professional Whitestrips,
which are also effective, but not as strong, and only cover the front teeth.

Veneers - Veneers are porcelain or resin coverings that are made to fit
on the front of the teeth.  They can be used to fill spaces between teeth,
cover discolorations and other problems.  Usually a small amount of the
tooth surface must be removed to give the best results.

Resin Fillings - Resin or white fillings are an alternative to metal fillings
and can be used in many places.  They are not quite as strong as metal
fillings but obviously look better.
Cosmetic Dentistry