There are many problems that can occur in the mouth, but most of them
can be put into larger categories.  Below is a brief description of each
condition.  By clicking the link you will go to a page that describes these
in more detail.  You may also navigate with the buttons to the left.

Dental Decay:  Decay is the term for tooth structure that is broken
down and infected.

Sensitivity:  Sensitivity can occur when tooth surfaces or cavities
are exposed and are hypersensitive to things like cold and sweets.

Periodontal Disease:  Periodontal disease is the loss of
supporting bone around the teeth.

Malocclusion:  Malocclusion is when the teeth do not fit together
properly, causing problems.

TMD and Grinding:  Temporomandibular Disorder is a problem
between the joint of the mandible, the teeth, the jaw muscles.
Dental Conditions